Suggested Protocols for Education in Action Writers

Use of the following protocols will help in the typesetting/design portion of the preparation of this publication.
  1. Font to use—Arial sz. 12 (The final version of the journal will be printed in Garamond, but Arial translates well into Quark and does not lose punctuation marks.)
  2. Space once after punctuation at the end of a sentence. (Print publications have only one space following punctuation that ends a sentence.)
  3. Title—Type in upper- and lowercase letters (Do not use all caps).
  4. Author’s line—First name, middle initial, last name (Do not precede with by.)
  5. Sources--Label list of sources with the word References.
  6. Use italics for the titles of long works (not underlining) in the References and in the text of the article.
  7. “Pull quotes”—Highlight in the article 3 to 5 sentences that can be used for “pull quotes” in the final article.
  8. Titles for tables/charts - Tables and charts need to have titles that appropriately describe the information that is contained in them. Headings and sub-heads
  9. Headings should be centered and bold-faced. Sub-heads should be flush left and bold-faced. (Do not use italics or underlining on these parts.)
  10. Tables/charts—

Best way to send tables/charts—
    • Create in Word. Each table/chart should be in a separate Word document.
    • Use Garamond for the font. (Garamond is the font that the final version of the journal will be printed in.)
    • Locate the table/chart in the text. (Insert the header and title of the table/chart where you want the table/chart to be located in the final version.)